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Can I wax?

Heck yes, you can!

There are some rules when it comes to waxing leading up to or after your tan.

Rule #1

Get ANY body waxing done 2-3 days before your #spraytan. I'm talking underarms, brazilians, bikini, eyebrows, upper lip, legs & arms..just to give you some specifics. Say you get your wax the day of your tan, your pores are WIDE OPEN. The solution is going to get into your pores and look like itty bitty blackheads, not cute. That 2-3 day window allows your pores to close back up completely.

Rule #2

Get your spray tan still, even if you're hairy. Again, I don't care, I'm not judging you. If you still need your wax get it 2-3 after your #spraytan. Waxing is a major exfoliation on the skin, so please beware that you will lose a shade of color.

Rule #3

Reach out with your questions. I will never think less of you, honestly, I will probably think more because you're thinking of the life of your #tan. I appreciate that.


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