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Dear COVID 19, thank you..

I think we are all thinking the same thing, COVID you SUCK.

I remember attending a workshop with The Women's Creative in January, I left thinking..GOSH we are all KILLING 2020. We were all going to have the best year EVER.


So many of us had to PIVOT, I was able to offer Glow at Home kits. I was able to get my clients amazing sunless products to keep glowing during a dark time. From my Glow Kits, I have been able to see those customers and get them in my tent as spray tan clients.

Now I am going to make y'all roll your eyes. I enjoyed 2020, the stillness of it all was what I needed. I was able to think and create more. I changed jobs, I created a bigger picture of what I want my business to be.

COVID allowed me to work harder on my friendships and networking since I couldn't physically see them. COVID, thank you for giving us all a TOUGH year. A tough year that we were all able to grind through.

So 2020 & COVID 19, thank you for making us the BEST we can be. I passed a tree in my neighborhood and I thought, gosh that tree is SOOO 2020! Leaf, we feel your pain.


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