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Event prep!

Anytime you have an event coming up (wedding, bridal shower, big date night) GET THE TAN!

Leading up to your tan there are just a few things to do. (let me help with a timeline). Let's pretend your event is on a Saturday! At the beginning of the week if you need hair colored go ahead and get that done and over with! Tuesday the fun begins, get the waxes taking care of! We never want to get a wax done after the tan because that color will come RIGHT OFF! On Wednesday take that time to get the mani/pedi. Relax before the crazy weekend starts. Thursday is TAN DAY! Thank goodness because now you probably have little color left from your last tan.

It's the day of your tan and you're still wondering if you're doing all the things right. Here's what I do. I come to tan with CLEAN hair, I don't want to have to wash my hair the next day because of the shampoo and conditioner residue. So then if I MUST wash my hair it will be on the day of my event.

I know life gets crazy and you might not be able to do all the things but this is just how I would do them. Check out my lovely ladies below, they have a GLOWING color for their event!

Until next time!


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