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No reason is a good reason..

How many times has your spray tan made you feel confident and beautiful? All hands raised?! That's what I thought.

I know it is hard to treat yourself for no reason but DO IT! If spray tans aren't your thing and you're reading this, well..Hi, welcome! If spray tans are your thing then you already know that you want them all the DANG time! Weddings, showers, date nights, they come and go, but showing up every day to work or walking to the mailbox is ENOUGH!

You are a reason to get a spray tan. My clients that get sprayed regularly (3-4 times a month) never have to worry if an event pops up in their life, they know they will already have color. I know what you're thinking, you're crazy, FOUR sprays a month. That is a handful of clients that need that, heck some like more than four a month. Each person is different, living a different life.

So if you're looking for self-care, time to yourself, and wanting to feel amazing..book the tan. You won't regret it.


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